Smile Makeovers in Andover, MA

Do your teeth embarrass you to the point that you quit smiling so that you can hide them? If the answer is yes, then you need to speak to one of our dentists at Andover Cosmetic Dental Group. They offer smile makeovers to improve the appearance of teeth and give you the confidence to smile again.

What is a Smile Makeover?

If you want to be able to laugh and smile again, our dentists in Andover have several cosmetic dentistry procedures that they can do to restore your teeth. For instance, if you have a tooth that broke in an accident, our dentists can fix it so that it looks like new again. Here are some of the procedures we use to restore teeth.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown fits over a tooth to protect it and restore its function after a tooth breaks or the natural tooth undergoes treatment. For instance, the most common use of crowns is covering a tooth after root canal therapy. The crown protects the tooth from further damage and allows the patient to eat and chew food normally again.


If your teeth have permanent stains or surface damage like chips and cracks, our dentists at Andover Cosmetic Dental Group can apply veneers to hide these flaws and make your teeth look perfect again. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain or composite resin that can make your teeth look natural.

Dental Bonding

If your teeth need work to look beautiful again, but you’re on a tight budget, our dentists can do dental bonding near you in Andover to restore the appearance of your teeth. Bonding involves using a composite resin to mold or sculpt to your teeth to hide flaws like cracks, chips, gaps between teeth, or to make small teeth look larger.

Teeth Whitening

A quick way to improve the appearance of your teeth is to make them brighter with teeth whitening. Some of the foods and drinks we consume leave stains on teeth that can make them look dull and discolored.

However, our dentists at Andover Cosmetic Dental Group in Andover can use teeth whitening to get your teeth up to 10 shades lighter to provide you with a bright, dazzling smile. With smile makeovers, our dentists can give our patients many reasons to smile. If you have any other questions regarding our cosmetic services, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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