Welcome our new associate, Certified Invisalign Provider, Dr. Apoorva Shah!

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We are excited to welcome and introduce Dr. Apoorva Shah, a general dentist with a strong passion for cosmetic dentistry, implants, and oral surgery.  With a sense of energy and liveliness and a strong attention, Dr. Shah offers high-quality dentistry in a comfortable, relaxing, and most importantly, understanding and empathetic environment. 

Originally from California, he completed his undergraduate education at UPenn (University of Pennsylvania). Dr Shah then graduated from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine while pursuing a dual-degree, doctorate of dental science (DDS) and Master of Science and Dental Education (MA). Dr. Shah resides in Boston with his fiancée.

His journey into dentistry started as a 14-year-old determined to fix his own orthodontic emergency while on vacation. After working as an orthodontic laboratory assistant for four years in high school, as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, he continued to shadow a range of dentists and specialists, visit dental clinics, and participate in a global medical and dental brigade to Nicaragua.

He has demonstrated a continued commitment to tutoring, mentorship, and community service, as well as held various leadership roles in dental, collegiate, and research organizations. Additionally, his exposure to stem cell research and consequent presentations has allowed him to investigate and push the boundaries of regenerative dental medicine, earning him the prestigious Class Award for Excellence in Research upon graduation.

Since practicing, Dr. Shah has taken additional advanced implant training with Advanced Implant Educators and has joined the Academy of General Dentistry’s Continuing Education MasterTrack.

With hobbies ranging from photography and video production to traveling and hiking, to dance and volleyball, to spicy food and music, he is a personable, passionate, and diligent dentist that strives for perfection and satisfaction in everything he does. 

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