Full Upper/Lower Jaw Replacement in Andover, MA

If you’re missing several or all teeth in the upper or lower jaw, we can still restore your full smile. Andover Cosmetic Dental Group uses the latest dental technologies to replace all your upper and lower teeth with implants and fixed restorations.

Modern Dental Restorations vs. Standard Solutions

Our experienced dentist near you explains that while dentures have their uses, they also come with their own problems. Dentures are prone to slippage, and they also require a special cleaning regimen. However, as seasoned dental experts, we are pleased to offer modern and durable alternatives for a lasting and beautiful smile.

Full upper/lower jaw replacement is a more stable, aesthetic, and functional alternative to conventional full set dentures.

Benefits of Full Upper/Lower Jaw Replacement Near You

Dental implants allow for more permanent solutions like an implant-supported bridge or overdentures that are snapped into place with clips or a bar. Full upper/lower jaw replacements offer several advantages over traditional restorations:

Durability: Implant-supported prosthetics need not be removed and reinserted; they stay in place as they are fused to the jaw bone.

Stability: Our trained dentist in Andover, MA does not need to glue the overdentures, crowns, or bridges. Implant-supported restorations will not slide, slip, and wobble as you speak or eat.

Bone Health: Implants preserve bone health and prevent further deterioration of the jaw bone.

Improved, Natural Smile: Implants are the nearest to natural teeth in terms of appearance and function. Your smile looks pleasing and attractive.

Easy to Maintain: You can brush and floss around implants just as you would clean natural teeth.

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Before dental implants, there was no fixed and stable solution to replace the entire upper and lower sets of teeth. If your teeth are missing or in a damaged condition where the entire dental arch needs replacing, a fixed bridge attached to implants is one of the best solutions. Our dentist will address all your concerns about full upper/lower jaw replacement in Andover, MA.

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